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I have done some work to refine Brad's draft for the front page of the group (and I haven't yet read the debate that has already started over the gauge question). We are revisiting an age-old question here and I think we need to emphasise (somehow) that the categories are not exclusive of each other.


Can I suggest the wording that has been posted to the files section on the Group page. (You’ll be notified of this separately and given a link.). I'm happy to explain anything, but have noted carefully the approaches used by a number of other groups of which I am a member in order to make their membership inclusive but not open slather.


I would also like at this stage to volunteer to share with Brad the moderator role as if we have any difficulty with errant members, it is always best to have a “brains trust” to decide what to do. I’d suggest we need a third moderator and would like to suggest Frank if he is available. The duties of the non-owner moderators is likely to be consultative to Brad more than anything else.


I’ll now go and read those contentious offerings that have appeared already.


By the way, I use the “daily digest” option to receive messages.





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Subject: RE: LRRSA - Proposed Yahoo group




I suggested to Brad that it might be useful to set up the LRRSA Yahoo group

on a pilot basis with just the people on the address list of this email as

the initial members.


That way we can use the group to discuss its development and how we

advertise it, and if you have not had experience of a Yahoo group, it will

be a good way to see how they work.


Probably later today you will get an invitation from Brad to join the LRRSA

Yahoo group. I urge you to come on board. It costs nothing, and is easy to

escape from if you don't like it!





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