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I agree it's highly probable that the mystery loco is JF 4668. However
you must agree that there is a possibility that there might have been
another NG loco stored in Melbourne.

The article in LR 141 says it went to Miller & Co in Melbourne in
1924, but there's no mention of where exactly Miller's yard was. If it
was in Queensbridge Street then I'm happy to agree ...

Incidentally, the LR article also makes no mention of 4668's sojourn
on the Eyre Peninsula, nor it's time in Adelaide before moving to


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Everything described fits perfectly with the loco being John Fowler 4668 (now at Mourilyan), apart from the "Australian built" bit. 4668 was stored in Melbourne for many years until being restored around 1976. Surely there can't be another with such a coincidental history?

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This was posted to the ausnarrowgauge group earlier today. The general
feeling is that Geoff is referring to the John Fowler patent drive
loco which is now at Mourilyan, but that does not fit with his memory
of the loco being "an Australian built Fowler". Does anybody else has
any candidates for the mystery loco?
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