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Everything described fits perfectly with the loco being John Fowler 4668 (now at Mourilyan), apart from the "Australian built" bit. 4668 was stored in Melbourne for many years until being restored around 1976. Surely there can't be another with such a coincidental history?


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This was posted to the ausnarrowgauge group earlier today. The general
feeling is that Geoff is referring to the John Fowler patent drive
loco which is now at Mourilyan, but that does not fit with his memory
of the loco being "an Australian built Fowler". Does anybody else has
any candidates for the mystery loco?


>Many years ago, in the early 60s, some friends and I had visited the
>building in South Melbourne where John Day used to build his rail
>tractors. The building was abandoned, however there were some lovely
>builder's photographs on the walls of many of his tractors, so
>naturally we 'preserved' them for prosperity. Can't find them now
>On the same day, we also visited a warehouse in Queensbridge St,
>where there was a steam locomotive tucked away in the corner of the
>building, that appeared to have been there for some time. If I
>remember correctly, it was an Australian built Fowler.
>Today I spoke to a gentleman PB driver who suggested that it was
>bought and moved north to a mill in Queensland.
>My question is, does anyone have any more detailed information
>about this locomotive, where it came from?, who built it and where
>is it now?

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