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Hi guys,
Forwarding this to the group for Bob who is
lucky to be over in Beijing at the moment.


--- Bob Mckillop <>

Being on assignment in Beijing for 10 weeks I am
using a temporary UN address. I receive my emails
from my normal Bigpond address OK, but I can only
send emails out via the UN address.

I sent two messages for the LRRSA Yahoo Group over
the weekend, but they were rejected on the grounds
of a 'foreign address'. Can you post the one below
in some way?

The messages is:

Re Bronzewing (sent 30/9/2007)
On 23 September GM4201 wrote:
Contrary to the report in the latest Light Railways
magazine Bronzewing has not yet left BSL Port
Kembla. ... Anyway, it is definitely leaving
26th September. It is hoped to have it loaded on the
truck and leaving the steelworks by 9am, via the
North Gate onto Springhill Rd. It will then travel
to Maldon cement works where it will be unloaded and
placed on the track. It will then be towed to
Thirlmere, due to depart Maldon at 13:00.

OK, did it happen as planned this time? Can anyone
provide some background on what is proposed for
BRONZEWING at Thirmlere?
Bob McKillop
Heritage & Research editor, Light Railways

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