South Maitland On The Long Weekend!

Brad <alcogoodwin@...>

Have just placed some photos in the album section showing
workings etc on the SMR over the long weekend just gone.

I spent quite a bit of time around the SMR on the weekend for
photo purposes.
While headed for Warabrook I convinced the wife (not an easy task
by any means) to let me detour via Pelton in case something was
On arrival Friday lunchtime we noted that the track around
Caledonia was rusty thus saving us a wasted run to Pelton in search
of a train.
Just beyond Abermain (Maitland side of Swamp Creek bridge) we
stopped to photograph some trackwork that was being done. This
pretty much convincing me that no trains would be running across the
whole weekend.
What never occured to me, and something I wish to have confirmed,
but I am sure this is the location (Denman Hill?) where the up and
down lines were actually on different levels to ease the run for
loaded trains.
If you look in the photo it actually appears that the former down
line formation has been removed down level to the former (now only)
up line. Could this possibly be in preparation for the proposed
rebuilding of the down line with heavier rail and closure of the up?
Much flood damage was noted in the area, especially to the old
road under the SMR Swamp Creek bridge where it has been washed into
the creek.

Anyway late that evening a Pelton train was noted heading out from
Kooragang to the SMR.
Next morning I headed to East Greta Junction and ended up finding
a service coming out of Pelton.

Of note, following up from an earlier report in LR, the signalbox
and footbridge are still standing at Weston.

Hope this is of interest.

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