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Frank Stamford

Further to my reply to the Prof below, I have now found a simple way
make proper tables out of the listings on the timber tramway pages
(thanks to some Russian software called ABBYY FineReader).

I have now added a fifth column to the existing listings to the
indicate the availability of issues of "Light Railways" which are
listed in the tables.

We have a volunteer to update the Tasmanian table, and a possibility
for Victoria but not till next year; but so far no takers for the
other states.



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Dear Frank,

as a "knock on" effect of this updating,

could each entry have a 5th column with a link to either

- the "back issues order form" with the nominated LR issue # ready to


(assumed to be for earlier issues which are no longer available in
a link to the "order downloadable PDF version" page for the nominated
LR issue?

While the basic "search and describe" format of the current table is

it misses the opportunity to inform the "Browsee" exactly how/where
to go to obtain copies of the info they've just read about.

We already have "online shopping" on the LRRSA site,

so this does not appear to be too large a link to make.

(If any of the issues are not available thru the shop,
either being "out-of-print-run",
or "not PDF'd yet",
here's an opportunity to "focus" the energies on getting the "most
requested" issues up and in the online shop...)

Just a thought,

Happy Researching,
Aim to Improve,
Prof Klyzlr
Hello Prof,

Its a good idea in principle, but would make the task more
complicated. In any case at present I am extremely reluctant to have
people jumping to parts of the Online Shop without first reading the
introductory page on our website:

There is important important information there which if read can
reduce the processing times of orders considerably.

A simpler approach would be a fifth column headed "Available?" which
would contain one of three possible answers "Yes", "No", or "As pdf".

However just at the moment I am reluctant to try and add a fifth
column to the existing material. It is about as sophisticated as the
Gilderoy horse tramway (the one where, if two trains met coming in
opposite directions, they would heave the empty one onto the road, and
run it along the road). If I can work out a simple, quick way to
change them to proper HTML tables, then I will add a fifth column.



P.S. Surely you mean the "Browser", I think the "Browsee" would be the
computer system ??!!

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Hello John,

No there isn't. To be honest I did not even look at the "from"
only the "to" date.

In the case of Queensland it starts from issue 52 and there might
be anything before then.

In the case of New South Wales it starts from issue 63, and again
there might not be anything before then.

In the case of Victoria it starts from issue 99, with a separate
listing of "Significant articles" before 99, but even that only
back to issue 42. There will be a lot of Victorian material that is
not listed.

In the case of Tasmania it goes back to issue 27, and there might
be anything before then.

In the case of WA it is listed in a different form, and seems to
relate to major articles, and goes back to issue 33.

Doing Victoria thoroughly could be a daunting task, but if we had
enough volunteers we could allot manageable chunks, I think.



At 10:29 AM 30/09/2007, you wrote:


Is there any reason why these bibliographies cannot be extended
towards issue 1?


On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 23:56:48 -0000, "Frank Stamford"
<<>frank.stamford@> wrote:

I have been looking at the Timber Tramway pages on the LRRSA
.htm) with a view to updating their
1. Queensland
liq.htm is a list of "Items on Queensland
Timber Tramways published in Light Railways Nos 52 to 133".

It needs to be updated for items published in LR from 134 to 197.

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