Re: Melbourne Shay

Frank Stamford

Good morning Eddie,

The remains of this loco consist of the boiler, (apparently in good
condition), the three-cylinder engine unit (in good condition), the
water tank (which would no longer hold water apparently), and various
fittings. Exactly what fittings I do not know. There are no trucks
(bogies), and I don't think there are any frames.

It is Builder's No.2576, the one that was damaged in a fire at Hoskins
steelworks. After closue of the Powelltown tramway, the loco (minus
trucks) was taken to a sawmill at Omeo, where it was used to power a
sawmill. It was taken out of service in the early 1960s and the parts
rescued by a Melbourne railway enthusiast.

I do not know the current location of the parts, and have not seen
them for about 38 years, but I know they still exist.



--- In, Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...> wrote:

The Shay survivors page
2576 M. McEwen, {railfan}, Melbourne , Victoria, Australia
Cameron & Sutherland (D), Melbourne, Australia
In Parts, less trucks

This is a Burraga/Powelltown loco.

What is its actual status now?

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