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John Shoebridge

Hi All
Just joining the discussion... At one time (whilst in employment ) I had the luxury of purchasing any book of interest to me whenever it wished.with no need to justify the expenditure. Consequently I have quite a comprehenisve library of NG and Industrial railway books.

However now that I am classed as a pensioner I can probably still afford but by no means justify such spending.

The especially unfortunate part is that no public library keeps such books (or certainly none that I know of)

Even the ARHS in Redfern were horrified by my suggestion that they add one copy of every book they sold to their archival collection..

Consequently I make do with a quick read standing at the bookshelves in the shops...and some have notices suggesting that I should not even do this.

Comments anyone ?? or are you all more financial than I am?



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Bill Bolton wrote:

> You might want to consider that anyone can publish for next to nothing
> on the Internet if they *really* want to, but few rail
> researchers/authors choose to avail themselves of that.

Exactly. And why is that so?

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