Re: The future of groups like LRRSA - was Re: Book pricing

A C Lynn Zelmer

I'd be willing to consider doing that if the electronic format could be priced to include it's share of the actual costs, including editing, preparation of photographs, on-line storage, etc.

Far too often people insist that the electronic version should essentially be free... eg someone mentioned 20 cents for CD distribution a few messages back.

Best wishes, Lynn

You and others seem implicitly to speak in either-or terms. But if the
material is already being prepared electronically anyway, is there any
reason why the same product cannot be offered in BOTH electronic and
paper form, with the pricing adjusted to represent the actual cost of
each? That way, the people wedded to hard-copy can still get it as now,
while others are not deprived of the opportunity to get it in cheaper
and/or more "modern" form.
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