Re: The future of groups like LRRSA - was Re: Book pricing

Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...>

Frank, thank you for such an analytic response. A few questions:

Frank Stamford wrote:

One of the reasons we started this Yahoo Group was try to keep up with
changing technology. For the same reason our web site is updated on a
regular basis.
Is there any data re the age profile of the yahoo group members compared with the LRRSA membership overall?

In the longer term a lot of publications like "Light Railways" will
probably be produced on-line. If we were to do that now we could cut
ourselves off from a large group of people who have supported us over
a long period of time, and who have knowledge which is valuable to us.
You and others seem implicitly to speak in either-or terms. But if the material is already being prepared electronically anyway, is there any reason why the same product cannot be offered in BOTH electronic and paper form, with the pricing adjusted to represent the actual cost of each? That way, the people wedded to hard-copy can still get it as now, while others are not deprived of the opportunity to get it in cheaper and/or more "modern" form.

I have been involved in the LRRSA since it was founded. When it
celebrated 25 years of existence in 1986 I privately reflected on the
fact that during its early years I could not imagine it seeing out 25
years. And in 1986 it was difficult to imagine it surviving to see its
50 years. Well now we are only three and a half years off the 50 year
mark, and much more active than we were in 1986.
And it is an enormous credit to you and to the other stalwarts that have caused this, which makes it even more of concern if all that effort does not bear the fullest fruit in the future.

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