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William Uffelman

I seem to have missed the North American ordering info.

Bill Uffelman
Las Vegas NV

Brian Rumary <> wrote:
Frank Stamford wrote:

Why Norwegian? The first public "mainline" 3 ft 6 in gauge railway was
opened in Norway in 1862, thanks to the efforts of the Norwegian Civil
Engineer Carl Abraham Pihl. Carl Pihl had a lot of influence on the
subsequent development of 3 ft 6 in gauge in Queensland and Ontario,
and other places.
It should be pointed out that in Germany 3'6" gauge is refered to as
"Cap Spur" (Cap Gauge). Many people think that this refers to its use in
the Cape (South Africa), but in fact "Cap" comes from Pihl's initials.

If you might be interested in this book please let me know. There is
no obligation to buy, I am just trying to judge the market. I expect
copies would be available in Australia about March 2008, (providing I
place an order fairly soon). I am told the print run is limited to
1,500, and on that basis I expect the book will sell out pretty
quickly, and the price seems reasonable for a book of that size.
I think I could be interested.

Brian Rumary, England

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