Re: Book pricing - was Re: Ontario, Canada - 3 ft 6 in gauge - new book ...

Mark Trainbrain

G'day all,
I'm a 22 year old uni student, I work enough to pay for fuel and not much
more. But Books (and mags) are one thing I will make the effort to afford, I
have 6 LRRSA Vic logging books including Mountains Of Ash plus a bunch from
other states. They have lasting quality, lasting value and provide me with
far more than any model train or alcoholic bevy can. Books have the info
that allow me to build my models, create plausible but fictitious histories
for my toy trains, learn about this country's short history and appreciate
what's around me. I suppose books versus internet is like driving a BMW
versus a Toyota, both are cars but one is much more fulfilling to drive.
What cost is knowledge? As the adverts say, Priceless. To me anyway.

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