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As a book junky I agree entirely with your sentiments Bill, computers are for work ----- books (with all their attendant joys) are for home. I hate to admit it but I have many books on the shelf that have only been skimmed through but it is a nice feeling to know that they are there. Funny years ago I always felt at home in a library - now I have my own.


Bill Hanks wrote:

As I spend a large part of my day staring at a computer monitor, I enjoy
in the evenings, sitting down in a comfortable lounge chair with a good
book. I really don't want look at a monitor for another couple of hours
reading a web book that may take many sittings to finish.

It is true that there are some very nice websites with a lot of
interesting reading. Unfortunately many that I've seen are poorly
written and full of typographical errors. Generally a book published in
hard copy has been heavily scrutinized by the editor and proof readers
before being printed. There is also something about opening a new book
for the first time, the smell of the fresh pages, the images that leap
out at you and the 'feel' of the book itself. It is a similar
experience to stroking a piece of well crafted timber furniture. On
this basis if the book is to my taste, I'll be happy pay the $120 plus
dollars and look forward to a journey through the pages of history.
Like many people who collect books I am not a millionaire, but I choose
carefully and do not mind paying good money for a quality product.

(Please accept my apologies for any grammar or spelling mistakes in the
above lines. I'll blame the Outlook spelling and grammar checker for

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