Re: Book pricing - was Re: Ontario, Canada - 3 ft 6 in gauge - new book ...

Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...>

A C Lynn Zelmer wrote:
> You might want to consider that anyone can publish for next to nothing
on the Internet if they *really* want to, but few rail
researchers/authors choose to avail themselves of that.
Exactly. And why is that so?
Some of us do... but a lot of our colleagues seem to consider that anything with a keyboard is for women only, thus won't touch a computer, and others complain at having to bear the costs of printing, etc, for the mostly low resolution images on the web.
So true, Lynn. But why is the cost of printing even relevant? If someone wants to preserve web content in permanent form, why go further than a 20-cent CD?

The bottom line is that book printing is expensive, quality books are very expensive and quality photo books are a dying breed... if quality books are what recruit new railfans perhaps we need to rethink how we attract new people to our area of interest.
My intended point exactly. Thank you Lynn.

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