Re: Book pricing - was Re: Ontario, Canada - 3 ft 6 in gauge - new book ...

Bill Bolton

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 19:40:44 +1000, Eddie wrote:

I'm not paying it, and I doubt that many other people are either.
Despite your doubts, writers continue to produce such books,
publishers continue to publish them and consumers continue to buy

Feel free not to participate in that market if it offends you!

Again, no, I'm not - I just won't buy them.
I think we have got that message, perhaps now you can stop repeating

And unfortunately as long as some people will pay these prices,
market forces will not be sufficient to bring the prices down
Its called market forces.

You might want to consider that anyone can publish for next to nothing
on the Internet if they *really* want to, but few rail
researchers/authors choose to avail themselves of that.



Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia

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