The future of groups like LRRSA - was Re: Book pricing

Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...> wrote:

There have always been small specialist productions of high quality
books at high prices, and mass produced books on popular subjects
cheaply priced. Try buying law books, for instance. Nothing new here,
perhaps some sticker shock that is all.
Not many people buy law books for fun.

The underlying issue is whether a market for these specialist productions will continue to exist. Fortunately or otherwise, people will continue to buy law books. But will they continue to buy books about the obscure subjects that we are now talking about?

It is not "rocket science" to observe the relative antiquity of those of us who attend LRRSA functions or many other forms of railway-enthusiast (or even model railway) activities. If we do not attract more younger people, groups like LRRSA will quite literally die out, and we will not attract the younger people by telling them that they have to rely on "small specialist productions of high quality books at high prices". Is the reality that many of us believe that when we are dead, it doesn't matter if the activities are dead too?

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