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Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...> wrote:

Frank Stamford wrote:

If you might be interested in this book please let me know. There is
no obligation to buy, I am just trying to judge the market. I expect
copies would be available in Australia about March 2008, (providing I
place an order fairly soon). I am told the print run is limited to
1,500, and on that basis I expect the book will sell out pretty
quickly, and the price seems reasonable for a book of that size.
I am notionally interested, but I find great difficulty with the price
assessment. $100 (after postage) for ANY book seems grossly excessive to me

That's a fact of life these days. Some high quality books on narrow gauge subjects published in the UK are costing up to 50 pounds today. That's closer to A$150 - indeed Plough Book Sales here in Aus have the "The Iron Sherpa Darjeeling and its remarkable Railway Volume 1" listed at $164.00. Narrow Gauge and Industrial have a beautiful book on the Leek and Manifold Light Railway at GBP49.50, and the lovel Spooner Album (on the Ffestiniog) at GBP37.50. By the time you convert those prices to Aussie dollars and add the (excessive) postage, you are paying well above A$100.

Unfortunately you're going to have to get used to paying A$100 or more for decent books, particularly imported books...

Having said that, Frank, I would be interested in the Canadian book - although next on my list of expensive purchases is The Iron Sherpa, if I can prise the cheque book from my wife's control :-)


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