Book pricing - was Re: Ontario, Canada - 3 ft 6 in gauge - new book ...

Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...>

Frank Stamford wrote:

If you might be interested in this book please let me know. There is
no obligation to buy, I am just trying to judge the market. I expect
copies would be available in Australia about March 2008, (providing I
place an order fairly soon). I am told the print run is limited to
1,500, and on that basis I expect the book will sell out pretty
quickly, and the price seems reasonable for a book of that size.
I am notionally interested, but I find great difficulty with the price assessment. $100 (after postage) for ANY book seems grossly excessive to me, and I wonder what the actual components of that price are. There must also be serious issues of economies of scale; setting the price so high must seriously diminish appeal to "maybe" buyers - is it assumed that only specialists will be interested and they will pay almost any price?

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