Intro & a few clarifications

John Garaty

Greetings all,
Now that someone has spotted some of my photos in the Photos area I
suppose I'd better 'fess up.

I have a been a long time (about 20 years)member of the Illawarra
Light Railway Museum Society at Albion Park. For about 15 of those
years I was the Sales Manager on the Board. This changed in February &
I now just another "ordinary" member.

I attended the 2003 Narrow Gauge Convention as a representative for
the ILRMS, ran a sales stand for the ILRMS that had some LRRSA
products and presented one of the workshops. The LRRSA sales stand at
that convention was run by some of the NSW Division of the LRRSA.
Unfortunately I don't think I have a photo of their sales stand.

The LRRSA presence at the 2005 convention in Albury was made possible
by a special delivery of books by Bill Hanks, who made an extended
detour on his way to Alexandria. I was working in Melbourne early in
2005 and mentioned the convention to Bill. I also attended one of the
regular meetings in Melbourne & was made most welcome. The convention
at Albury had slipped under the radar. I ran a "combined" LRRSA/ILRMS
stand at that convention. Both societies benefited from that

For John Dennis, I have posted some pictures of torpedo ladles at Port
Kembla. These hold about 250T of molten iron at about 1400 degrees
Celsius. I have worked as a shunter on these vehicles during an
industrial dispute. It is suprising how much heat comes off these
torpedo ladles, especially when you are working in and around them.
The photos are stillframes lifted from video I took while on a tour
inside the works hauled by "Bronzewing" (Porter class 0-6-0 sadletank
steam loco) several years ago. Currently no visitors cameras are
permitted on the steelworks site.

I hope to put up some photos of the Yallah2 layout later tonight into
the album of the same name in the Photos area.
Regards, John Garaty

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