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Dear Brad, John G, LRRSA Members, NG Modellers,

I note that John G has posted a pic of part of the LRRSA book stand which
was part of the ILRMS stand at the 2005 Aust NG Convention, in Albury.
(John, how come that pic doesn't show the "Porter Protection Plan"? ;-) ).

Brad, there have been some movements in the ILRMS board of late, which means
that ILRMS does not have a direct link between the NG conventions and the
"Sales Dept" (AFAIK).

As it was this link previously that allowed LRRSA to attend the '03 and '05
conventions, I'd hope that the Victoria LRRSA crew have been in direct
contact with the Aust NG Convention crew, to keep a presence at the 2007
Melbourne Convention.

On a related note, what resources, (A5 fliers, business cards, etc), are
available to modellers/LRRSA members who wish to actively promote the LRRSA
via their layout displays at Model Railway and "All Hobbies" shows?

Happy Modelling,
Aim to Improve,
Professor Klyzlr,

"...Still hauling log with Class B Climax 1375,
Over Longworth's "Pig Sty Pier" bridge,
somewhere deep in the Aussie Bush..."

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