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It looks like complete sections of the 'END OF THE LINE' book are
quoted at this website.

After perusing the URL this raises questions over copyright and the
fair use of excerpts from texts.

Q: What is the FAIR number of complete paragraphs & complete pages
that can be copied without infringing copyright? [The 'extracts'
extend to about THIRTY A4 pages of content.]
In this context, almost nothing.

Q: Who now OWNS the copyright? Hopefully the original authors BUT on
each webpage of the PNGBUAI site it is 'claiming copyright' for ALL
the CONTENT they have published.]
The authors own copyright to their words, unless they have sold the rights. The publishers own copyright to the "presentation", or layout.

Q: Throughout the 'exerpts' it says 'place xxx photo here'. What
purpose is this site? [Is it for others to reproduce as their own
document or as a thesis with the photos re-inserted.]
Who knows?

To me it looks very much like PLAGARISM !!!

Bob P
Not plagiarism in that they acknowledge the authors, however breach of copyright if they have done this without permission.


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