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Chris Stratton

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Just been working in the database section of the group.

** More non air hoppers added to the listing!

** Database of preserved industrial diesels (excluding sugar

** Database of preserved industrial steam (excluding sugar

** Database of members who would like to contact people with

Once again we ask any members with information to contribute to
will be a great reference tool for members of the group.


I've just added a bunch of records to the preserved diesel database,
A couple of suggestions:

I can't edit the records once they are added. I spelt museum wrong
in a couple and I can't change it.
Maybe "Previous Owner" should be "Original Owner" as some locos have
had multiple owners.
Is the "Number/Name" field supposed to be the original number or the
current number in the case of locos that have been renumbered? I
added ER&S No.4 as 4 but it is now numbered 3 at Coal Creek.

ps I suppose I had better introduce myself - Chris Stratton,
Wollongong resident and BlueScope Steel employee, Secretary of the
Illawarra Division of the NSWRTM (member for 27 years), ARHS (NSW)
member for a few years, sometime contributor of Port Kembla info and
pictures to Light Railways magazine although I haven't joined LRRSA
as yet. I am interested in anything on rails, any gauge, steam
diesel or electric.

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