Re: Passing of Graeme Inglis

Roderick Smith

I posted this to TDU via the group site to keep it in a thread.

This sad news hits hard: I am also over three score years and ten.
Graeme and I were contemporaries: part of a wide friendship circuit sharing enthusiasms and adventures, in the same manner as those about six years our senior.  Nearly all went on to be active supporters of the hobby, with many different groups.
Some memories are blurred: which were shared; which weren't?
We were regulars at Jack McLean's Wingrove.    In later years, Graeme was the regular loco mechanic.  He rarely operated, but spent his time fixing locos, and would take one home for major work, and return it next time.
Graeme's first school was at Perry Bridge (Gippsland).  In later years I made a point of driving home from Bairnsdale by that back road, then took my boat up Perry River.  IIRC his main career was at Blackburn Lakes Primary, as Principal.

I was at Daylesford on a steam tour.  Graeme was there in his new Datsun 1600, and we explored the remains of the route to Newlyn in the break.  He made a three-point turn, and backed into a stump: the car's first dent.
In 1974, Stephen McLean and I had an adventurous journey to Normanton: fly to Brisbane, train to Cairns, fly to Normanton.  We settled into lunch in our pub, and Graeme arrived.  He had just driven from Melbourne with friends via inland roads, most of which were unsurfaced.  All five of us rode the Wednesday railmotor to Croydon, returning next day.
He was on LRRSA Council amongst his many hobby interests, and was a member of the group which inspected Tasmania one Queens Birthday long weekend.
Here are the first three photos which I can find fast. 
740829Th-SMcL24-RM74.  Front: Graeme & Clyde; rear Roderick and Alan
750616M-GT18-LuneRiver-RSmith Graeme is in the second row, behind the blue jumper.

Roderick Smith

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