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John Dennis

It cost me $109.44 to pay online, from my desk, by International Bank Transfer. (Probably could have done it on my phone, sitting on the couch). Will cost more if you go to a bank branch. 


On Wed, 13 Oct 2021 at 11:17, Roderick Smith via <> wrote:
On my first visit to Sri Lanka, I travelled on the surviving portion of the 762 mm gauge.
On my second trip, the line had been converted to bg, but some equipment had been retained in working order, and could steam over a short section at the workshops.
AFAIK PBR investigated importing one of the two Sentinel steam railmotors.
Workshops operation has ceased; there is a trust in UK aiming to obtain them.

I was headhunted to supply photos for the book 'Narrow gauge railways of Ceylon'.
It is limited edition, 500 copies.  My experience here is that that covers the likely sales anyhow.
I was intending to contact our online bookshop with a view to placing an on-spec order, or to collating orders into one batch for economy with bank fees and delivery.
That won't work.  The self-published author isn't supplying bulk: partly the quantity printed; mainly the way the Sri Lankan post office works.
Single orders only.
USD50 for the book, plus USD22.50 for international registered postage.
Sri Lanka bans Paypal.  Anyone interested will have to email the author, and get the bsb details.
I will be ordering a copy, and not just because I have a few photos in it.
It is a comprehensive work, not just a coffee-table pictorial.
There is very little published about Sri Lanka (Thailand is in a similar category).

Enclosed is the brochure, which omitted the contact address. rasikabookz@...
I have a 3 MB jpg of a book review, which I have to convert to pdf or put through ocr to post.  I'll do that separately, and probably not today.

If we have any social time around Thursday's meeting, I can answer any questions.

Roderick Smith

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