Re: Kerrisdale Mountain Railway loco - from Narrow Gauge World in the UK

Frank Stamford

Hello David,

Two excellent photographs of the Kerrisdale steam loco did were published on the Light Railways of Australia Facebook Group on 4 April. They were different to the two you submitted to this Group, and were submitted by another photographer.

If it was those photographs that Andrew is referring to, it would be better for him to make contact via the Facebook Group. At the present time the Facebook Group has about 2400 members, and this Group has about 300.


On 16/04/2021 9:03 pm, David in Avenel wrote:
The two photos that were aired on here are mine and certainly were not on facebook.   I shall get in touch with Andrew as it would be right and proper to get permission for publishing in a magazine rather than a share on this site.


cheers and best wishes,
David in,    
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