Re: Cossack (WA)

David Whiteford

Rodney’s Point Samson is definitely Point Samson and not Roebourne. Point Samson still had significant sheds and trackage in the 1970s, Roebourne had nothing.


David Whiteford



From: Roderick Smith via
Sent: Sunday, 7 February 2021 12:17 PM
Subject: Re: [LRRSA] Cossack (WA)


880404M - PointSamson pier (demolished1989-91) -RSmith.  I have the original if it is useful for LR.


880404M-WA-PointSamson.  (RSmith) I captioned this as Point Samson, but it may be Roebourne.  This would have to be compared with photos which the editor has for the article.


I took only a few photos on this rushed visit; the others are not yet scanned.










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