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Grant Maloney

Hi very interesting. I am seeking any information on the carribean gardens train  and one which used to run at Whistle stop amusement park  in Frankston. Both in Victoria.
Any info would be great.
Thanks Grant

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The train ride described by Greg appears to be the successor to the one that operated at Redcliffe from 1944. This was in the amusement complex known as "Luna Park" and was at Sutton's Beach. It was established by the Redcliffe Town Council who leased the rights to operate it to Wirth & Scott, who included a small railway circuit. It has been pointed out that Redcliffe would have been a magnet for US troops on R&R towards the end of the Pacific war. In 1950, Luna Park was taken over by the entrepreneurial Catholic priest Bart Frawley of St Bernadette’s Parish, and used as a fundraiser, particularly for Catholic school development. The locomotive was a loosely steam-outlined petrol powered machine.

As the town of Redcliffe developed as a residential centre and the tourists moved north to the area around Scarborough, it appears that the decision was taken to relocate the amusement area in 1966. Some of the attractions became part of what was known locally as "Father Frawley's Fun Fair" at Scarborough, which incidentally was the centre of the priest's church and school endeavours. It was here that Greg enjoyed visiting during the later 1960s. It seems that the Fun Fair closed in the early 1970s.

There were quite a few such trains of around 2ft gauge which appear to have operated in amusement parks and drive-in theatres in the period between 1945 and 1970 and only a few have been documented, so thanks to Greg for providing information on this one.


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