Re: Carnarvon

Stephen Cox

Carnarvon played an important, but little-known, role in the space race. In 1964 it was home to the largest tracking station outside mainland USA, which was key to NASA’s manned moon project. The tracking station is now decommissioned, but its critical part in the moon landing is remembered at the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum. 

I think this was the Parkes Observatory radio telescope. If so it's part in the moon landing was covered in a movie called "The Dish", starring Sam Neill.

For more on this see:

The movie was pretty flexible with the facts as in never spoil a good story with the facts.  The Honeysuckle Creek station broadcast covered the initial transmission from the moon including the first steps onto the surface.
You may care to check out for the movie errors written by Mike Dinn, who was the Operations Supervisor at Honeysuckle Creek at the time.
Stephen Cox
Canberra AUS

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