Re: The Australian Light Railway Compendium

Bob Backway

On the login page of the site is a button "View Site as Guest". This allows you to enter most parts of the site to see what's being made available for use by members. Once you have registered then you can add and edit data. Also as a viewer you may choose to click help and read the manual describing each part of the site.

Registration is necessary so misuse of the site can be tracked. For example you, as a registered LRRSA member, can add internet links to a particular location or motive power. An unscrupulous individual might advertise their illegal services here. With the ability to track them I can then ban them for missuse.

I have entered some data that is already available to members so they can see how it can be made more friendly. Have a play.

Of course the true value will be realised once members contribute a little time to expand the data with their own knowledge/experience/links etc.

Some LRRSA members have been providing feedback and improvements are being made.


Bob Backway, Belgrave Hts, Victoria, Australia
Commodore, Lake Eyre Yacht Club

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