Re: Weston Park miniature / ng railway (ACT)

Barry Sheffield

Can't see any smoke or steam - how is it powered?

On 28-Sep-20 9:01 AM, Roderick Smith via wrote:
JUNE 25 2020 Little blue train back on track at Weston Park
Bluebell the little train is operating again. Picture: Supplied
In another sign of life returning to the realms of normality, Bluebell, the little blue train, a favourite of Canberra children, is back operating at Weston Park.
The train, a much-loved attraction at the Yarralumla Play Station, started tootling around the track again over the weekend. It had not been operating during the coronavirus shutdown - also known as its three-month "holiday".
The Weston Park railway has been around since 1973, first with a little red train. Bermagui Foundry was commissioned to make Bluebell.
Bluebell runs every half hour from 10am.


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