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The Lakewood Firewood Co., Kurrawang was 3' 6" gauge.  It owned a large number of steam locos over the years, several ex WAGR and ex Commonwealth Rlys.  In the late 1930s it shifted its operations to Lakewood.  In 1956 it purchased two Clyde 0-6-0DHs which were sold, on closure of operations in 1964, to the Commonwealth Rlys. (numbers NC 1 and NC 2).

Full details are in Adrian Gunzburg & Jeff Austin's tome 'Rails through the Bush' (Rail Heritage W. A. 2nd Edition 2008).

Richard Horne

On Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 23:31:51 BST, David Halfpenny via <david.halfpenny@...> wrote:

Thanks, John.

Any clues about, 
"the Kurrawang and Lakewood woodlines (which) are the main feature of this book” 
anyone please?

Thanks,  David

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The Kalgoorlie & Boulder Firewood Company and the Westonia Firewood Company were 2ft gauge.

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