Corrimal Colliery and its Incline Model

John Garaty

Hi all,
This topic is about a model of the Corrimal Colliery and its Incline in 1/43rd scale using 16.5mm gauge track for the 2' tramway and 3' gauge stone disposal track at the screens and 32mm gauge track for the standard-gauge track near the screens.

This layout features an operational incline simulating the operation of the self-acting continuous-cable type incline that operated at Corrimal Colliery from 1890 until 1955. The key distinguishing feature of this type of incline is of individual coal skips dotted along the incline, travelling down one track and back up an adjacent track. The haulage cable does not reverse like most other incline types.

The layout was planned for exhibition use rather than a home-based layout. This decision brings with it a whole flock of design constraints that might not apply to a home-based layout that is not intended to be movable.

The idea of building a model of The Corrimal Incline goes back to 2005. It's been a long haul, but we are now in the final detailing phase. 

Some of the stuff that might appear here has appeared on some other forums. It's a whole lot easier to lift it from elsewhere and then bash it into shape here, where I feel there may be a slightly different focus than mainly on the modelling. 

Please feel free to skip over any postings in this topic if you wish.

If you decide to follow along, remember its taken us 15 years to get to where we've got to so far. You might need a coffee or two (or maybe something stronger??) as you follow along. 

There is a lot of stuff to cover like:
  • the design decisions behind the layout and their ramifications,
  • the "right" turns,
  • the "wrong" turns,
  • prototype mining practices and their impact on the model as far as buildings on the model go, (two main mine sites and their history)
  • prototype transport rolling stock. practices and how to model them (two different narrow-gauge systems plus standard gauge equipment),
  • how to "cheat" to create the illusion of "what was"
  • some of the assistance that we've had along the way from various sources
  • and a whole lot of other stuff that doesn't fit neatly into any of the above
 That ought to do for an initial list of things that might be of interest to forum members. Please feel free to add comments, ask questions and we'll see how things go, 
John Garaty

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