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Frank Stamford


There is absolutely no problems with the Moderators of this Group if you do what you propose.

“Light Railways” is not a model railway magazine, because we have to draw boundaries - there is more information available to publish than the space available. But we don’t have that limitation here.

(The very foundations of the LRRSA arose because of the difficulties of finding enough information to make accurate models of the Powelltown tramway!)

The prototype information you mention would probably be very good material for LR.


On 1 Sep 2020, at 22:27, John Garaty <jkgaraty@...> wrote:

Hi Pete, all
I thought I'd better ask first. The building of an industrial model railway, even an "interesting" one like Corrimal with its 2' gauge tramway and incline might not fully align with some of the key aims of the LRRSA. 

I will admit that there is probably a history degree or doctorate in the amount of material we've uncovered, had to sift through, resolve conflicting information shown in undated historic photos, work out how the prototype worked and then adjust the level of realism of both operation and scenery that we could build into a portable layout that was planned for exhibition to the public. As far as we know, so far we have the only operational model of a self-acting continuous cable incline anywhere. How we did it, well that's another story, or, should I say saga,

Pete was lucky enough to see the whole layout operating at one of its few public outings back in 2018. At present we are in the process of replacing placeholder buildings at the mine used from 2017 with more detailed models. The layout was supposed to do its first public exhibition this year, but Covid scuppered that when the exhibition was deferred to next year.   

If there is any interest I can add photos to a dedicated album in the Photos area and we can discuss things further in new topic in the Messages area,

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