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Thanks for including me in your email to Rod.

Interesting discussion.

Why not put up your photos?




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My suspicion is that the 1902 photo relied heavily on some darkroom "fudging". See the initial 1892 photo of G.S.Yuill's takeover sign.

The bolt holes and shadow of the timber uprights that held the sign could still be seen on the Corrimal portal in 2013. (File P1010691a)

And here's our attempt at the sign, (sign modelled by Geoff Potter) as part of our Corrimal Colliery Incline layout. (File 1240452a)

Provided that It doesn't put too many noses out of joint, I could put up a photo album of some parts of the model and some of the research (a lot of it was LRRSA-based, LR60 being one of the key sources of information for the model)

John Garaty 

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