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Ross Mainwaring

Hi Richard,

I contacted the local coal historian about the date 1802 but it has him baffled. This date is way too early for any coal mining  beginnings down that way. He is going to make enquires for me. Perhaps the date is wrong???? Should be 1902.
The workmen appear to be just a normal shift, not necessarily anything special.

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That's pretty obvious, but what is the relevance of Sept 1st, 1802?  And what is the occasion?



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Hi Roderick,

This is the entrance (very ornate) to the coal mine at Corrimal. It was a most unique entrance to the transport tunnel

Ross Mainwaring

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> I'm not sure what this was illustrating.
> 200608M-'CanberraTimes'-Illawarra-mine.jpg
> Roderick
> <200608M-'CanberraTimes'-Illawarra-mine.jpg>

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