Re: Wed.19.8 zoom

Roderick Smith

How was the reply given to the advance email: manually or automated?
Why even have the requirement?
I had expected automated at 21.15, with the meeting still in progress.
My aviation club is leading the field with frequency, variety and convenience.  The link is sent out in advance, and we are on our honour not to share it with nonmembers.
My boating clubs come in second.  The link is sent out in advance, and we are welcome to share with members of kindred clubs.
My mother's nursing home comes in third.  The link is sent out in advance.
SRSV has had one online meeting.  The link was sent out in advance.
LRRSA had the right idea, but with unnecessary convolution.

Has this one been recorded, and is available online?  My aviation and boat clubs do that, as does a railway youtuber with his topic presentations. 


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