Re: Wed.19.8 zoom

Rob Bushby

In my case I received and responded to the issue file. It loaded the meeting in my calender ok but then the email with the zoom details disappeared. Fortunately I found it hiding in the deleted files folder so resurrected it OK.

I really enjoyed the meeting. Congrats to Mike for a job well done. Some real head scratchers in Franks presentation. I hope you do it again. It gives members away from the main centres a chance to interact and put names to faces.

Well done and many thanks,

Rob Bushby
Tarcoola, Tasmania.

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That’s interesting and puzzling! Most had no issue but some did.

Floyd would you mind forwarding to me either the email you received and/or a screen shot of it please.  A few others have said the same thing. 

My email is mike.mccarthy51@....





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The link was sent out in the form of a .ics file (calendar file). Perhaps next time it would be good if the link was also sent out in just a plain email (not inside a file). 


Thanks, Floyd. 

On 20 Aug 2020, at 10:45, Warren Munson <joandwarren@...> wrote:

Hi Frank,


Many thanks for helping me to get Zoom going on my Apple iMAC before the meeting.   The key was installing "Zoom for Safari” (not regular Zoom) from the App Store.


However, I never received any meeting notification.   When I registered for training that should have included the meeting, but unfortunately did not.   Hopefully will be able to attend next Zoom meeting for LRRSA.



    Warren Munson

On 19 Aug 2020, at 11:41 pm, Geoff <geoffwinkler@...> wrote:


Hi Roderick,
You were not the only one who missed out, I forgot to register too.
Geoff Winkler.


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