Technical Glitches

John Dennis

The Wonders of Technology

Folks, we have a couple of technical hitches in our computer systems at the moment.

Firstly: when attempting to renew your (or apply for) membership online, after pressing "Continue" to go to SecurePay to make your payment the screen goes white and nothing happens. This seems to be happening more often than not at the moment. I have raised a support ticket with SecurePay. If this happens to you, try again another day (or wait for an announcement)

Secondly: Some customers of the online shop are reporting they are unable to checkout. Often seen with an error saying the address is incomplete. This affected five or six customers last week - there may be more. The fix seems to require contacting the online shop support team - nothing you or I can do. If this happens to you please let us know either via FB, the shop "Contact Us" page, or email to sales.

Apologies for these. 

John Dennis

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