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Luke Horniblow


Thats right Millaquin mill still use a tractor to haul loaded Bins into the mill but the loco's collect the empties. The reason they use a tractor is due to having Bundaberg Rum there they can't have a Full Yard set up like other mills due to that reason. The line the full bins come in on can take the weight of a loco as its how they get to the Loco shed there. The Horse Lines i'm talking about the line is to smaller Gauge to support a cane loco on them so they have to use tractors instead. 

Cheers Luke.

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G’day again
Just because tractor is used to shunt wagons doesn’t constitute it being a horse line. For decades Millaquin Mill at Bundaberg has used wheeled tractors to shunt the full and empty roads within the millyard. These are by no means constructed to the light duty standards normally associated with horse lines.


Greg Stephenson
Brisbane, Australia

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