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Philip Rubie

Many thanks ... I lost a good number of my treasured archives in a flood a few years back and I love rereading old issues of the magazine ... you guys are real stars ... PhR 

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 08:57:59 PM GMT+11, John Dennis <jdennis412@...> wrote:

A couple of years ago the Society's Council made a decision to make all of the PDF back issues (except for the most recent 12 - 2 years worth) available as free downloads. We are now finally pleased to announce that this has indeed transpired. While there are possible downsides, we felt that as a research body the results of our research should be freely available.
The benefits to the Society are wider recognition, as all these issues will appear in Google searches, and possibly offer a "short cut" to new researchers who might be unaware of previous research.
The PDFs can be accessed either by going to the various Light Railway pages on our website (see as an example) or by finding the magazine in the online shop, where there is a link.  

John Dennis
LRRSA Webmaster

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