Re: Group and Facebook Group (was White Island Volcano New Zealand)

Frank Stamford

This message is in response to Bob's comment: "It is of concern to me that there is no cross posting of threads between the Facebook group and the list. Not good for a reputable research organisation to split its members!" 

Both the Facebook Group and the group are best suited for casual discussion, seeking information, and showing interesting pictures. "Light Railways" magazine is the best place for serious articles, but the Facebook and group can often assist in the development of such articles. The way and Facebook Groups work are very different, and cross posting is best left to the individual contributors if they think it is worth while.
The groups,io group was established 13 years ago and now has 355 members. It is now pretty quiet. On the other hand, the Light Railways of Australia Facebook Group was established only two years ago and now has 1451 members. It has been of great value to the LRRSA in gaining new members of the Society, and making its activities more well known.


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