Re: White Island Volcano New Zealand

Phil Rickard

There were definitely tramways used there (for sulphur extraction) and there are remains.   But any article wasn't in
Light Railways.  There was an article in the NZ Railway Observer No.338 for Aug/Sept 2016 "Industrial tramways of White Island" by Bill Prebble.
maybe there was an earlier one?   To quote Wayne Duncan's Flickr page:

"It was constructed for sulphur mining operations on the active volcano off the coast of Whakatane in the eastern Bay of Plenty during 1914 -1930, the sulphur being shipped to Sulphur Point in Tauranga where it was processed."

An internet search (a few years ago) found some basic stuff and pictures of remains of trucks etc.
Trying an internet search now is very difficult unless one is very specific.

cheers    Phil Rickard

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