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a professional listserv group for legal nurse consultant s, attorneys, experts, forensic & medical-legal consultants

Since its inception in 2006, LNCExchange has evolved into a valuable networking, educational and business resource.  Yahoo Groups listservs LNCExchange and LegalMed have been integrated into this groups.io listserv.  Group and private exchanges cover a wide range of topics, including those pertinent to medical-legal issues, case analysis and small business topics among others.

To join go to:  www.LNCExchange.com

LNCExchange is a source of work opportunities for Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs), expert witnesses, forensic & medical-legal consultants and those desiring work at law firms (either in-house or consulting), governmental agencies, insurance carriers, etc. 

It has also become an invaluable resource for nurses pursuing a new career as an LNC.  The listserv offers extensive opportunities for learning from experienced LNCs who are consultants, or experts, in medical-legal matters.  Accumulated since 2006, there are over 75,000 searchable messages that offer answers to questions on over 40,200 topics.  

The essence of legal nurse consulting is analyzing medical issues in the context of the applicable legal standards.  Our mission is to advance the profession of legal nurse consulting within the legal community through meaningful networking between LNCs, attorneys and medical-legal consultants who are engaged in the review of health care and forensic matters.  Our hope is that the shared information will be educational and helpful, and will challenge you to learn and share more about the many facets of legal nurse consulting as well as provide the opportunity to network with other professionals who interface with legal nurse consultants.  Legal nurse consultants with any level of experience are welcome, as well as attorneys, experts, and medical-legal consultants.  

LNCExchange Co-Owners/Co-Moderators: 

Elizabeth Zorn, RN, BSN, LNCC - Beth@LNCExchange.com
Past President AALNC

Claudia Caparco, RN, BSN, LNC/Forensic Nurse - Claudia@LNCExchange.com
Founder/Owner - Alpha CHECKPOINT (www.alphacheckpoint.com)

  By joining LNCExchange, you agree to hold neither the listserv co-owners/co-moderators nor anyone affiliated with LNCExchange responsible or liable for any circumstance resulting from a public or private LNCExchange interaction or communication. You are required to abide by Groups.io Terms of Service (TOS) (review at https://groups.io/static/tos) and Groups.io Privacy Policy (review at https://groups.io/static/privacy) as well as the LNCExchange Member Guidelines (review at https://groups.io/g/LNCExchange/guidelines).  This listserv provides a forum for professionals to connect with each other, to share information, and establish potential business relationships.  These types of arrangements are strictly between members and not the responsibility of the listserv co-owners/co-moderators.  Each individual member is responsible for the information they provide publicly and privately, as well as any subsequent communications and/or business arrangements that may occur as a result of such communications that may originate from this listserv.  LNCExchange is not responsible for any issues/concerns that may occur due to the information and/or business arrangements made between members on this listserv.

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