LBD Caring Spouses

LBD Caring Spouses is an active online support group for people whose husband or wife is living with one of the Lewy Body disorders (LBD): dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) or Parkinson's disease dementia (PDD). 


There is no cost to join our group or be involved in the forum.  You will never be asked for a credit card or money.  Our moderators are all volunteers and are spouses of LBD patients.


We follow the recommendations of (our sponsoring website) and require members to be approved by the moderators before being allowed to join the group.  This reduces the spam we receive, minimizes the administrative responsibilities for our all-volunteer moderators and protects the integrity of our group.   


You can apply for membership by selecting the blue button below.  If you choose to apply for membership and submit your email address there is a two-step verification process for all new members.  This two-step process helps protect the integrity of our group and keeps out spammers.  We appreciate your patience with the process.

1.   First you will get an automated email from to confirm your account. is the platform that hosts our group, and you must be confirmed by them before you can participate in our group.   On some browsers, you may also be able to confirm your account on the web page that pops up immediately after submitting your email address.  Please complete this step before step #2.

2.   Once that step is complete, you will get a second message from the Caring Spouses Moderators and you will be asked to answer three simple membership questions before being approved for membership.  If you don’t see the email asking you to answer the three questions, please look in your Spam Folder or Junk Folder.  When you return your response by email, one of the moderators will review and approve your membership. You may also get reminder messages if you have completed one of these steps, but not the other steps. 


Once you have been approved for membership, please check your email for an introductory welcome letter from us and daily summary messages.  This letter and the daily messages may also go to your Spam Folder or Junk Folder.  You can add to your approved senders so that these messages will be directed to your Inbox.  Note that marking any message as spam will block further messages.

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