Re: Scott's Oriole arrival, Juniper Hills


Here are my Scott's Oriole stats for Crystalaire. The first two are probably not significant, because I wasn't birding consistently then. For the last three years one male has returned very early and stayed.

2012 - 5 April
2016 - 12 April
2017 - 6 Mar
2018 - 26 Mar
2019 - 18 Mar
2020 - 19 Mar
2021 - 1 Jan
2021 - 23 Nov
2022 - 22 Nov

No Hooded or Bullock's yet this year.

On Sat, Mar 18, 2023 at 2:22 PM Kimball Garrett <cyanolyca818@...> wrote:

[Sorry, no Swainson's Hawks to report out here yet today...]

A singing Scott's Oriole in our Juniper Hills neighborhood today was the first for the year. However, this arrival date is a bit later than average.  For the past five springs here, arrivals have been:
2019 -- 22 March
2020 -- 14 March
2021 -- 6 March
2022 -- 2 March
2023 -- 18 March 
[mean arrival, about 12 March]
I'm sure Ruth Gravance in Crystalaire also has good data on arrival dates, but her situation is complicated by regular wintering of at least one male in her neighborhood. No Scott's have wintered in our Juniper Hills neighborhood.

Coincidentally, the first Hooded Oriole in our neighborhood also arrived today.


Kimball Garrett
Juniper Hills, CA

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