Re: Swainson's hawk update

Naresh Satyan

Tom Benson reports approximately 130 Swainson's Hawks were moving west from Redlands about 45 minutes ago (1215 pm). They should be hitting LA County soon if they haven't already.

Just passing along the message.

Naresh Satyan
Pasadena, CA

On Thu, Mar 16, 2023, 3:45 PM Lance Benner <lbenner@...> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

So far there have been only a couple reports of small numbers of Swainson's hawks today.  Chris Dean has seen a few at the Piute Ponds and Steve Ritt has reported small numbers moving through the San Gorgonio Pass near Banning.  Steve also reported more than 100 Swainson's hawks moving west through the pass yesterday around mid day.

Conditions over Altadena and Pasadena have been less than optimal for hawks today: low clouds, intermittent drizzle, and not much wind.  While watching occasionally from northern Altadena this morning I didn't see anything moving west or soaring. There were two red-tailed hawks, two red-shouldered hawks, and a merlin in my neighborhood that spend a lot of time perched.  

As I write this (at about 12:25 pm), the clouds over JPL are lifting somewhat and I'm starting to see small numbers of turkey vultures kettling, so it appears that conditions are improving.  



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