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Apparently the link I provided for the names of the ponds takes you to another page on the same website (I deliberately tested it before hitting"Send" Yaaaargh.). Please find that website and find the correct page. It's only a little more difficult than solving Rubik's Cube.

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On Wed, Mar 15, 2023, 2:36 PM tgmiko@... via <> wrote:
I'm sending this email out as a blast because I'm getting the same questions over and over again from multiple people:
1. The tour of the Lancaster Water treatment plant also known as the Lancaster Sewage Ponds, combined with a bus drive for the short distance across the road into Edwards Air Force Base to the Piute Ponds is scheduled for this coming Saturday morning, March 18th at 0900 a.m.
2. The hyperlink, below (at the very end of this email, below my email signature) is for signing up, which if you want to go on this tour because you really want to see the Tundra Bean Goose, you should have done so by now, but today is your last chance to sign up, probably during business hours.
3. This is a hyperlink to study a map of the Piute Ponds. It's for informational purposes so that you understand what others are talking about when they refer to Walden Pond, Thoreau Pond, Emily Dickinson Pond, Robert Frost Pond, etc: 
4. As of today, Wednesday March 15th, the combined tour of both facilities is still scheduled to occur despite the rain that has happened this week. That is what was stated to me this morning by the public relations person who confirmed that there will be a bus going from one facility to the other.
5. Yes, it is possible--if not probable--that the Tundra Bean Goose will park himself out in the open at the west end of the Lancaster Sewage Treatment Plant where you can see him from outside the fence and count him for your California list. However, if the bird is still there on Saturday and still alive it would be much nicer to see him from a lot closer i.e inside the fence on the tour.
6. Please remember that this is not a bird watching tour, so please actually listen to the parts where they explain the science of water treatment. I'm saying this because if they're nice enough to let us in then I don't want to abuse their hospitality. They are aware that a bunch of bird watchers are signing up for this tour because they want to see the goose, but we're also trying to restore long-term access for birders to the Lancaster Sewage Ponds, which has not existed for the past several years. 
7. Once the tour is on Edwards Air Force Base property, Please be aware that you are on a military base, and even though you are far away from any military activities the rules still apply. Mainly I'm thinking that those who do not have an annual pass probably need to ask permission before we walk away from the group.

Thomas Geza Miko
Claremont, LA County

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