Hawk migration yesterday

Luke Tiller

Hi All,

Getting to enjoy some raptor migration in LA is always a treat and I had bits and pieces of raptor migration throughout the afternoon here in Altadena yesterday. In total I probably only had about 190 migrant raptors, but I did tally eleven different species over my house during the day with at least nine migrating. Highlights included 1 Bald Eagle, 1 Golden Eagle, 2 Peregrines and an Osprey (pretty rare up here).

From observing movements here over the years it appears to me that migrant raptors are almost always on a foothill line (taking advantage of updrafts?) though they can drift as far south as Orange Grove. They often head northwest or even almost directly north from Eaton Canyon as often as they drift west. West of here I think they are often migrating north of the 210 and maybe north of much of the residential areas to the west too. If you want to look for birds on days where movement is occurring I recommend being at, or east of, Eaton Canyon. The overflow parking area at Eaton Canyon appears to often make a decent view point - with views to the north and south.

The appearance of these birds seems somewhat random and is probably influenced by weather well to our south. Yesterday winds were southerly all afternoon after being from the north in the AM. First thing I was at Bear Divide and a few Turkey Vultures and Swainson’s were moving through there too but not much else.

Luke Tiller, Altadena

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