Re: Long-term (future) Lancaster sewage ponds access, and a field trip

Paul Fox

We all owe a hearty Thank You and Well Done to Thomas. Not just for this either!


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1. There will be a combined field trip to both the Lancaster Water Treatment Plant (referred to by birders as the Lancaster Sewage Ponds) and the Piute Ponds inside of Edwards Air Force Base (restricted access) *next* weekend. They are using buses to take tour participants from one location to the other. As soon as I receive the link for signing up, I will email it out. [I think the tour that was supposed to happen tomorrow was at the Palmdale facility not the Lancaster facility]

2. I have been working with a County employee who is not stationed in Lancaster on the possibility of restoring access to the Lancaster sewage ponds to occasional visits by birders (after the Bean Goose flies home to Siberia, and we want to get Sabine's Gull or Baird's Sandpiper on our LA County year list). He will need to discuss this with his higher ups. This negotiation may take a while, so even if it does happen, there maybe a time gap between the goose leaving and when a limited number of us are able to resume access to occasional visits.

Thomas Geza Miko
Claremont, LA County
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