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Corey Husic <coreyhusic@...>

Hi all,

As John Luther mentioned, the Tundra Bean-Goose continues (as of 8:30am) with a small group of Canada Geese along Rte. 14 within the fence of the water reclamation plant, visible from 34.7830603, -118.1704276. I first had the bird at 6:30am when it flew out of the water reclamation plant over Ave. C with six Canada Geese.

In addition to the goose, there is an impressive swallow movement happening in the Antelope Valley today. Over the two hours I was there, I saw ~4000 swallows of five species, with Tree and Cliff being the most abundant. A few hundred swallows were roosting at Piute early this morning.

As I headed south, I also noted ~120 Turkey Vultures headed west between Ave. G and and Ave. K.

Corey Husic

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